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You Are Invited!

On June 1st, Vales is holding a graduation BBQ at her place and everyone is invited!

What does this party entail? A lot of fun things! There will be:

-Contests with prizes (Basic Scholarship Tickets and medals. The medals don't mean anything and are just for fun but you can get a custom item/object if you get a first place one. The custom items would be coming from me, unlike how the group had commissions during HeartKindle. )
-Socializing so your Wyngrew can make more friends 
-RPing (I will open a Discord server for this)
-And more!
How do you join the party? Easy! Draw your Wyngro attending the party by bringing a dish/showing off their new or old skill/playing party games/just talking with other party goers or since Vales' house is by the lake, you can draw them swimming. 
-In order to join in contests you must draw your Gro doing the following to join each contest.
:iconflyingdingo78900:flyingdingo78900 44 61
The Schuyler Sisters  by St0ne-Draws The Schuyler Sisters :iconst0ne-draws:St0ne-Draws 12 3
Love Your Plushies (Peter Pan)
Walking home, you had a lively bounce in your step. It had been a productive day and by the look of the weather, the world seemed to be extra spirited. Once you reached the front door, you had a bright smile graced upon your lips.
Te dum. Te dee. A tiddley dum today...,” you sung and hummed lyrics while unlocking the front door.
Upon opening the door you hopped inside, pivoting on your toe, and proceeded to lock the door back up with a light kick of your shoe. You were finally home in your playful-food-storage-life-of-freedom! You dropped your things on a nearby table with a light thud and tossed your keys into a small woven basket on top of the four-legged furniture. Bouncing around from foot to foot, you removed your shoes to ease into your relaxed haven of a home away from the pressures of the outside world of judgmental ruin.
“...We march in line...and follow the other guy...,” you made your way around your home, eating some snacks and being m
:iconsweetjedigirl00123:SweetJediGirl00123 8 9
Night (Link X Reader)
a.n: im a month late but i finally got my nintendo switch !! i am in love with the new game, i think its beautiful (and link is beautiful also lets not forget)
Despite the kingdom being destroyed a century ago, Hyrule still held its natural beauty that could never be ruined, not even by the darkest of evil. The amber sky shone upon the wide green fields of Hyrule, the gentle breeze rustling the grass quietly, as though it was not wishing to disturb anyone. The occasional flock of birds appeared overhead as the sun began to set, casting a warming glow.
Walking alongside Link, you discovered a small, abandoned shed, with a small campfire, and you decided to rest there until morning. Link had found you trying to fend off a small group of bokoblins by yourself, and, with your melee skills with a pitchfork, and Link's almost natural skill with a blade, you managed to kill them before getting injured. You decided to team up and travel the
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 35 13
Jeff x Reader: Don't Go to Sleep (Part 6)

What Really Matters: 
The sun began to raise and soon enough Jeff would be on his way to pick you up. To be honest, after some serious thinking last night during a few rounds of poker with Ben, you were unsure you even wanted to see Jeff. There was no way a serial killer like him would ever be looking after a girl like yourself just because he wanted to. Those have probably been lies he fed you and you actually believed him. After hearing the truth about your nightmares and what is causing them, it all started to make sense. Jeff is just telling you that he wants to protect you and to stick by you just to gain your trust, because he knows Mindfreak is living inside your head and he wants revenge on the death of Smile Dog. Makes prefect sense. You were in the bathroom getting dressed and ready to go home, when suddenly you heard a knock at door. 
“Hey, you decent?” Jeff’s voice called out. 
:icongrellgirl16:grellgirl16 6 0
Yami X reader: Secret Santa
      " Yami"
      You had to keep yourself from squealing with excitement. You never thought in a million years that you would pull his name. You grabbed your backpack and headed out to the mall for some idea's. You started to walk from store to store until something that caught your eye. You saw a book that you had seen Yami look at many times. You went in and asked the bookseller about it.
      " That is an encyclopedia of duel monster cards. It tells the person the advantages and disadvantages. Which cards go well together and it also tells you how rare the card is." He explained 
      You looked at the price for the book and found for a thick book like this it wasn't bad. You also wanted to get him something else and then an idea hit you. You would get him a journal. You looked and found a leather one with the eye of Ra on it. You made your purchase and started to leave the mall when you
:iconzodiacdragon1:Zodiacdragon1 3 0
TLoS: Spyro x Reader
You were in the marketplace, doing some grocery shopping. In front of you was a very snobbish dragoness, who was complaining about the way the store keeper was doing his job. You groaned deeply, all you wanted to do was buy some oranges and go home. You watched as another customer, a satyr, approached the snob woman and began telling her off. This day was becoming one big ruckus. The satyr ended up pushing over the snobbish woman, knocking into you, and an orange jumped out of your satchel and rolled across the square. You followed it, and it stopped in front of another dragon. He picked it up for you, and handed it to you.
"Is this yours?" He asked.
It would be hard not to recognise him by his iridescent plum scales and golden horns.
"Spyro??" You asked in shock.
"Yep, it's me (Name). It's been a long time since I've seen you~"
You hugged your childhood friend with all your might, who hugged back with as much enthusiasm. You shared conversation for a while as the police dealed with th
:icondireredemption:DireRedemption 7 9
Opposites Attract (Sokka x Reader)
Sokka sat on his own as he watched the only firebender, besides Zuko, train. That was all they did and it infuriated him. Why? Because Sokka was hopelessly in love with Y/N but they were always training. They trained whilst they ate, they trained whilst on watch duty, they trained (mentally) whilst on Appa and they even trained in their sleep by occasionally creating a ball of fire above their head that shaped itself like their thoughts. Sokka would of given up hope if not for what he had seen the night before.
Last night whilst he was on his watch duty, as usual he watched that ball of fire mold itself into various shapes with a slight level of interest until it shaped it a familiar shape; him. It was his face just hovering above their head and it didn't change all night. In the morning they sat up and then moved to the far edge of the camp to train.
That small ball of fire had given so much hope to Sokka that he was planning how to talk to them... Once he had asked everyone else for
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 17 1
*listens to his accordion play* by AR-ameth *listens to his accordion play* :iconar-ameth:AR-ameth 192 33 Bendy [Page-Doll] by DeathPuppy9000 Bendy [Page-Doll] :icondeathpuppy9000:DeathPuppy9000 615 31



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